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ExcelScape Solutions Sdn. Bhd.is the leader in innovative synthetic turfing in Malaysia. We are a pioneer specializing in the supply, installation of synthetic turf systems for landscaping, sports and playgrounds and commercial facilities. We have many satisfied clients enjoying the day-to-day benefits of instant landscaped gardens, commercial facilities such as rooftop gardens, golf putting areas, futsal field, hockey fields, tennis courts, club house gardens, indoor gardens, sports and playgrounds.
Excelscape - ExcelTurf

Excelturf comes in a large number of different shapes, sizes, texture and shades of natural green. Excelturf provides the ideal solution for a wide range of applications. Choose the right installation for the specific use you have in mind.

Excelturf – Hassle free Maintenance, Looks Naturally Green and Feels Natural.

Excelturf is usually preferred over natural turf based on aesthetic and hassle free maintenance reasons. For domestic consumer use, the right choice is to recommend products with a high aesthetic value, look naturally green and feel natural.
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Playing areas and sports field spare used very intensively. To keep natural grass in good condition requires long term regular and expensive maintenance and replacement of grass. Excelturf is an excellent alternative and best choice for such areas as it requires little or no maintenance and is long lasting.
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Commercial areas
Excelturf caters for a wide range of infrastructure-design solutions for specific applications and uses, for example, Rooftop garden, slopes, rooftop swimming pool area, Clubhouse area and Show house for developers etc.
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